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Image by Modestas Urbonas

Jumet Charitable

Bridging The Gap


In 2005 Jan and Julie Jumet began taking the first steps towards one of their dreams – Bridging the Gap – be it in education, helping children in need, or other forward-moving causes.  They were able to create the Jumet Charitable Foundation – a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

While the Jumet Charitable Foundation may support a variety of causes, its current focus is in education.  The JCF is helping students going from high school to college by providing financial assistance and mentoring during their educational careers…thereby, bridging the gap towards obtaining a higher education.

The Jumet Charitable Foundation's current mission is to assist knowledgeable and talented students, who may lack mentors and/or financial means, by bridging the gap to a higher education through leadership and financial support. We strive to enable these individuals, who have an intrinsic desire for education, to achieve their goals and lead a more productive life in society.

The Jumet Charitable Foundation will work closely with the students on an ongoing basis as a mentor through the various stages of their education and life to act as leaders and mentors.  The Jumet Charitable Foundation's mission is not to provide handouts, but to provide tools for success.


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