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JCF Summary

Jumet Charitable Foundation

501(c)(3) Private Foundation

Tax ID: 20-3575169

Mission Statement

The Jumet Charitable Foundation's current mission is to assist knowledgeable and talented students, who may lack mentors and/or financial means, by bridging the gap to a higher education through leadership and financial support, and thereby allowing such individuals, that have an intrinsic desire for education, to lead a more productive life in society.  The Jumet Charitable Foundation will work closely with the students on an ongoing basis as a mentor through the various stages of their education and life to act as leaders and mentors.  The Jumet Charitable Foundation's mission is not to provide handouts, but to provide tools for success.

Image by David Iskander
Image by Jasmine Coro

Scholarship Criteria:

Scholarship rewards will be based on the following criteria.

  • Financial Need

  • Acceptance to a Technical School, Undergraduate or Graduate Program

  • Positive Personal References

  • Involvement in Community Service and Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Essay on the Importance of the Scholarship and Higher Education

  • Generally a Minimum QPA of 3.50 or Standing in the Top 20% of the Individual’s Class for High School Seniors Entering Four Year Undergraduate or Graduate Program

  • Generally a Minimum QPA of 3.25 for Students in a Four Year Undergraduate or Graduate Program

Scholarship Application and Reward Determination Process:

  • High Schools or Colleges/Universities will Collect Applications and Related Materials from Prospective Applicants

  • Applications and Related Materials will be Reviewed by the Board of Directors or Designated Committee

  • Scholarships will be Rewarded Based on Aforementioned Criteria and Financial Need

  • Individuals will be Tracked for Performance and Ongoing Monitoring of Criteria for Maintenance of Scholarships and Additional Mentoring

  • Scholarships will be Paid to the College/University on Behalf of the Student in Two Payments, one for each the Fall and Spring Periods

  • Failure to Maintain Scholarship Status will result in Forfeiture of Scholarship and, for Funds Paid, will Result in a Donation to the College/University General Fund

  • Scholarship Determination will be Regardless of Race, Color, Age, Religion, and Gender

  • Scholarships shall not be Awarded to any Family Member of an Associate of the Jumet Charitable Foundation  or Related Committees

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Tracking and Mentoring: Individuals will be tracked for determination of success, and for ongoing mentoring and/or scholarships under the scholarship program.

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