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In 2005 Jan and Julie Jumet began taking the first steps towards one of their dreams – Bridging the Gap – be it in education, helping children in need, or other forward-moving causes.  They were able to create the Jumet Charitable Foundation – a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


While the Jumet Charitable Foundation may support a variety of causes, its current focus is in education.  The JCF is helping students going from high school to college by providing financial assistance and mentoring during their educational careers…thereby, bridging the gap towards obtaining a higher education.

The JCF, through its Founders, Board Members, Donors, and Sponsors, works with twenty-four students (on average) on an ongoing basis.  Through an application submission and Board selection process students from various high schools are selected annually for the JCF Scholarship.  Each student is selected based on financial need, grades, extra-curricular activity & community service, a brief essay, and an intrinsic desire for a higher education.  The students receive the scholarship each year of college so long as the requirements continue to be met.  The scholarship is paid on a semester basis to the college on behalf of the student's account.

In this ongoing process, the Founders and Board work with each student to mentor and support them personally throughout their college career.  The students are supported with general discussions, guidance on class selection, assistance with class content, resume writing, internship discovery and selection, interview preparedness, employment discovery, and ongoing career guidance.  After graduation, the JCF Founders and Board continue to work with the individuals on budgeting, savings, investments, and general life stewardship.

Our Mission
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