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Jere R. Kohlmann Memorial Scholarship

Jere R. Kohlmann was born June 8, 1941 and became a prominent man in the Beaver County area.  Mr. Kohlmann was an entrepreneur and business man in the valley, and was deeply involved in his community through his businesses, his church, and the Beaver Falls Area School System.  It is because of his love for his community and the Beaver Falls Area, that his son Jeffrey Kohlmann started the annual Jere R. Kohlmann Memorial Scholarship at Beaver Falls High School.


The Jumet Charitable Foundation assists Jeff in the application and selection process of scholarship recipients, as well as the ongoing work and mentoring of the selected students.  While the Jere R. Kohlmann Memorial Scholarship is a one time scholarship, the Jumet Charitable Foundation often continues working with the recipients both monetarily and with mentoring.

Our goal is to continue to work with Jeff infinitely to grow the scholarships reach, and to encourage the recipients and others to support the Beaver County School System in similar ways.

Donations for this initiative should be made out to the Jumet Charitable Foundation and mailed as follows:

Jumet Charitable Foundation
PO Box 144
Darlington, PA  16115

NOTE: Please include "Kohlmann" in the memo line

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